Our company was founded in Ho Chi Minh in January 2019 and has been involved in many projects. Founding members have been stationed in Japan for about 8 years, and as a mechanical designer at a Toyota company, they have gained experience

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in designing a wide range of 30 to 50 inspection machines, processing machines, and conveyors per year. In order to help Japanese companies that have been said to be difficult for human resources, they understand Japanese technology and culture through their experiences, provide local education and guidance to Vietnamese engineers, etc., and collaborate with assistants in Japan We provide design support for Japanese companies.

   With these, customers who are studying speedup and cost reduction by strengthening design, drafting and tracing overseas, please talk to Technet JSC who is experienced.

Company Profile

Start a businessJanuary 29, 2019
CEOPhan Thanh Toan
Capital90000 USD
Number of employees15 people

Business Content

We embody our customers' ideas and visions and provide various support.

Mechanical design

Our company understands the structure of various automatic processing machines, inspection devices, transfer devices and production systems, and supports 3D conversion and design work. We have a track record of requesting parts drawings from Japanese companies and we can respond to short delivery times.

Architectural Design

Residential design, office design, restaurant design such as restaurants, and other architectural design in general.

Contract manufacturing

We request parts processing from our local Vietnamese company and related processing companies, and measure and inspect the processed parts, and reprocess the defective products. Those that pass can be sent to Japan with an inspection certificate.

Personnel introduction and education

Support recruitment of excellent professional Vietnamese staff. Education of recruitment personnel in Vietnam. It is also possible to respond to training and dispatch to Japan.

Flow from request for quotation to order and delivery

  • Step 1

    Work material receipt

    Send estimate

    Consultation on quotation confirmation

  • Step 2

    Order contact

    Work data receipt

    Start work

  • Step 3

    Progress / Question Contact

    Delivery and inspection

    Feedback / Correction

We will create a trial sample free of charge, so we will verify the cost and quality, and after starting the basic transaction agreement and confidentiality agreement, the transaction will start. Register new customer basic information and open a dedicated window. The contact person will be in Japanese or English.


1. basic
850 one hour
  • 2D tracing
  • Data entry
  • Easy work


2. premium
1000 one hour
  • Modeling
  • Assembly
  • Assembly drawing drawing / part drawing


3. platinum
1200 one hour
  • New design
  • Unit concept
  • Design editing


We will not charge you for the correction work of the checkback contents. This is just a reference unit price. It depends on the difficulty level and delivery date. Depending on the case, it is possible to respond with the budget specified by the customer. There is no need for a deposit, and payment will be made the next month at the end of the month after delivery. Please feel free to contact us regarding payment terms. Data is sent and received via email, Skype and FPT server.

Compatible software

Compatible with many kinds of CAD software. In particular, Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, iCADSX can be supported immediately. Please feel free to contact us for other matters.

Real product

We will contribute to society with services that satisfy our customers.


Traces commercial products without CAD data and old figures and converts them to data. Output data can be in PDF or DXF

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Receives PDF and DXF data from customers, checks defects while performing assembly modeling, and performs assembly drawing and part drawing. Strictly adhere to a three-stage check system to prevent interference, missing dimensions, and overlooking of parts lists.


Referring to materials such as videos, photos, and handwriting from customers, we will develop equipment designs and design changes as instructed.


Number of inquiries


Number of projects


Number of drawings


Working hours

1. email


2. phone number

+84 (0) 902 - 81 - 2990 ( Generation )
+81 (0) 52 - 750 - 8109 ( Assistant in Japan )

3. Street address

Visit Our Office: 1/10 No. 4 Do Son Street, Tan Bin District, Ho Chi Minh City